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AEA Testing Solutions - Vector Network Analyzers, Step TDRs, SWR & Return Loss Meters

Aeroflex Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Radio Test Sets

Aeroflex 8800 Analog & Digital Radio Test Set

Aeroflex 3550R Radio Test System

Aeroflex 3550R Data Sheet

Aeroflex 3550R training – FM Transmitter

Aeroflex 3550R training – FM Receiver Testing

Aeroflex 3550R training – Basic RF Generator Setup

Aeroflex 3550R training – Swept Antenna Measurements

Aeroflex 3550R training – Testing Digital Radios

STI FIELD TEST 7 / Site Survey Software & Geographic Signal Coverage for use with Aeroflex 3920 & 3550R Digital Radio Test Sets

Aeroflex 3920B Radio Test Set

Aeroflex 3920B Data Sheet

Aeroflex 3920 APX Test and Align

Aeroflex 3920 DMR System Capabilities

Aeroflex 3920B training – Capturing Screen Shots

Aeroflex 3920B training – Measuring CTCSS (PL) on FM radios

Aeroflex 3920B training – Using the Tracking Generator to Sweep a Duplexer

Aeroflex Motorola XPR 8300 DMR Repeater Test Video

Aeroflex 3920 Digital Radio Test Set Interactive Courseware

Aeroflex 3920B Motorola ASTRO & ASTRO 25 Auto-Alignment Software Application

A.I.R. X10DR – Long Range Secure Wireless Microphone

Cimarron Technologies: “C25 Series” APCO P25 Desktop Decoders - (Decodes APCO P25 and MDC-1200 or Fleetsync™ operating on the same channel)

CSI Flex Series School Alarm System

Fiplex VHF Programmable Active Crystal Filters

Fiplex Fiber Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

Fiplex Public Safety 700 MHz/800 MHz Dual Band Selective Repeaters

Simoco XD DMR Tier II & Tier III Digital Portables, Mobiles & Base Stations

Simoco Xd Tier III Trunked Radio Solutions

Survey Technologies, Inc. (STI) Geographic Signal Coverage & Signal Strength Acquisition Solutions

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 AEA Technologies, Inc. - Test Equipment (Handheld) / TDR's Time Domain Reflectometers / FDRS Frequency Domain Reflectometers / VIAs Vector Impedance Analyzers / Spectrum Analyzers

Aeroflex - Radio Test Sets, Communications Analyzers & Service Monitors, Spectrum Analyzers

A.I.R. X10DR Secure Long Range Wireless Speaker-Microphones

Cimarron Technologies – Dispatch/Desktop Automatic Numerical Identification (ANI) Decoders & Encoders for APCO P25, GE-STAR, MDC-1200, FleetSync and DTMF.

CSI – Connect Systems Inc. –Two Way Radios / School Alarm Systems / Wide Area Network / LTR Controllers / Conventional Repeaters / Phone Patches / Communication Decoders

Fiplex Coverage Extension, Two-Way Radio & Repeater Site Equipment, & Trunking Site Equipment

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STI / Survey Technologies, Inc. - * Coverage Study Software / Geographic Coverage & Signal Analysis Software / Mobile Signal Measurement Software / Acquisition and Analysis System Software (for use with existing Service monitor, Spectrum Analyzer or Portable Receiver)

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  F.Y.I. – Several years ago Motorola made a decision to sell their test equipment division ( R2670 / 2670 / R2600 / 2600 / R8000 / 8000 series communications service monitors) to General Dynamics. Since then, Motorola has been working closely with Aeroflex (IFR) to develop test solutions for their radio systems. Aeroflex / IFR is now licensed to provide SmartNet ™/ SmartZone II ™ trunking test capabilities for Motorola's trunked radio systems. Testing capabilities for the Motorola Smartnet ™/ SmartZone II ™ trunked radio systems may be found on the AEROFLEX (IFR) 3920 Digital Radio Test Set. In recent years Motorola has again turned to Aeroflex (IFR) to provide test solutions for the new Motorola ASTRO ® 25 with High Performance Data (HPD) radio systems, the Motorola ASTRO ® 7X systems, and the new MOTOTRBO ™ Professional Digital Two-Way Radio Systems. Testing capabilities for the Motorola ASTRO ® 25 with HPD systems, the Motorola ASTRO ® 7X systems, and the MOTOTRBO ™ digital radio systems may be found on the AEROFLEX / IFR 3920 Digital Communications Service Monitor.

In addition, Motorola has worked with Aerolfex to develop Auto-Test & Auto-Alignment software options for the Aeroflex 3920 Radio Test Set. The Auto-Alignment software has been developed for use with the Motorola ASTRO XTS & XTL 5000 Series Radios (Portables & Mobiles), the Motorola ASTRO XTS & XTL 3000 Series Radios, and the NEW APX Series Radios.

The Aeroflex 3920 Radio Test Set with the Motorola ASTRO Auto-Alignment software option allows you to validate radios faster than ever with ease. Connect a cable, press "Test and Align," and you are free to do more important things. This application is self-contained within the Aeroflex 3920 and automatically performs the functions of radio alignment and verification to ensure optimal radio performance. The alignment software replaces the manual process of aligning the radio using a computer coupled with tuner software and an experienced operator. Many system problems can be resolved with simple radio alignments. Test and Align radios in as little as 5 minutes!
Below is a list of the alignments and performance tests that are performed at the touch of a button, by the AEROFLEX 3920 Radio Test Set with the Motorola ASTRO Auto-Alignment software option:
• Reference Oscillator
• High Power
• Mid Power
• Low Power
• Deviation Balance
• Deviation Limiting
• Front End

Performance Tests
• P25 Modulation Fidelity
• P25 Symbol Deviation
• P25 RX BER



Aeroflex 8800 Analog & Digital Radio Test Set

AEA VIA VIA Echo Vector Network Analyzer

AEA Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR): E20/20 StepTDR

AEA SWR Meters

AEA PreAmps and Filters


Aeroflex 3920B Radio Test Set - (Analog & Digital Radio Test Platform)

Aeroflex 3920B Interactive Courseware!

Aeroflex 3920B Auto-Test & Alignment option for the Motorola APX series portable & mobile radios

Aeroflex 3550R Touchscreen Radio Test System

STI - Field Test 7 / Site Survey Software & Geographic Signal Coverage for use with the Aeroflex 3920B & 3550R radio test systems
http://www.aeroflex.com/ats/products/prodfiles/datasheets/STI%20Field%20Test %20iss3.pdf

Aeroflex 3250 Spectrum Analyzer (up to 26.5 GHz)

X10DR Long Range Secure Wireless Speaker / Microphone


Cimarron C25 Series APCO P25 Desktop Decoders (Decodes APCO P25 and MDC-1200 or Fleetsync™ operating on the same channel)

"Checkout this CIMARRON product presentation" :
C25 Series PDF Presentation


CSI LTR Controller

CSI School Alarm System

Fiplex Fiber Optic DAS

Fiplex VHF Programmable Active Crystal Filters

Fiplex – Products by Type

Simoco XD DMR Radios & Infrastructure Products

Simoco P25 Radios & Infrastructure Products

Simoco P25 & Conventional Simulcast Products

Simoco Applications


STI-9400 Laptop Signal Measurement & Analysis System

STI FIELD TEST 7 (software package)


STI P25 Solutions (BER TEST)